Valuation of

  • Raw, undeveloped land (land, building shell land, green fields, etc.)
  • Liquidation assets (sites with demolition building(s) and as the case may be with soil contamination)
  • One-, two-and multi-family properties and rental buildings
  • Condominiums and partial ownership units for commercial and other uses
  • Land zoned for residential and commercial use
  • Retail and office properties
  • Special use properties (hotels, hospitals, serviced residences for elderly, leisure and infrastructure properties etc.)
  • Department stores and shopping centers
  • Objects in areas of special urban planning legislation (e.g., redevelopment areas, development areas)
  • Land use analysis (permissible uses, easements landmark listings, utility infrastructure services, etc.)
  • Use constraints and public obligations (separation area, building over one´s boundaries, Association rights easement, etc.)
  • Leasehold ownership


Valuation in the context of

  • Dispute resolution, Property disputes (inheritance, disputes within families, Heritage Communities, BGB-shareholders, etc.)
  • Endowments/ donation strategies (donation with reservation e.g. tax partners etc.)
  • disputes with the internal revenue (§ 198 Review Act, proof of the lower value)
  • Tax assessments of land value share in the cost
  • Credit analysis of institutional real estate lenders
  • Portfolio- and Cluster valuations (as the case may be also only technical Due Diligence)
  • more than 100% over market value paid contract price (scrap  properties)


Advisory Services

  • for purchases and sales of land (including argumentation aids for the price negotiations)
  • Plausibility reviews of third party valuations
  • to builders and buyers